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As the holiday period is approaching, I splashed out and purchased my 
first e-book for reading on my Palm Tungsten T3. Just the sort of thing 
to fill a spare moment now and then, The 'DaVinci Code'. I'm surprised 
to find that it is really quite pleasant and convenient reading a novel 
or book from such a machine. The weakest point for the T3 is the 
accumulators. Either you have to interrupt reading from time to time to 
recharge the machine or have it plugged into a charging unit.

Of course, online I've purchased various bits of software from time to 
time but there was one twist to the purchasing and registering of my 
e-book that I had not seen before. One makes the purchase through a 
secure site by using credit-card payment. When the secure site has 
cleared the credit-card payment, the system downloads a zip file to the 
pc containing the book and the reading software if you do not already 
have it. You install the book and the software in the normal way. 
However to open the book for the first time on the Palm, requires a user 
name and registration code. The crafty lot use the name and number on 
the credit card for this purpose. (In other systems you receive an 
e-mail containing a specific registration code.) You bet that even the 
most generous  of pirates will not be giving his credit-card details away!

Have a pleasant summer,


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