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Economist Technology Review

In last week's quarterly technology review in the Economist, there was 
(yet another) article on the future of the (mobile) telephone.  One 
thing that struck me was development at Nokia to integrate mobile phones 
and MP3 players (of course many others are trying the same 
"convergence").  Apparently Nokia researchers are working from the 
standpoint that in 10 years' time it will be possible to put the whole 
of the world's recorded music in MP3 format onto something about the 
size of an SD card.  Of course buying the SD medium containing all music 
does not give you the right to listen to any it.  So the handset will 
negociate with a rights' management system over the mobile telephone 
network and debit your telephone account to pay the authors and 
distributors rights.

Does that ring the same bell with you that it did with me?

Happy Christmas,
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