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A new choice for authors

ACS AuthorChoice logoFor authors who wish or need to sponsor open access to their published research articles, you are encouraged to take advantage of the ACS AuthorChoice option. First launched in October 2006, ACS AuthorChoice provides a fee-based mechanism for individual authors or their research funding agencies to sponsor the open availability of their articles on the web at the time of online publication.

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ACS AuthorChoice articles

Under this policy, the ACS as copyright holder enables unrestricted web access to a contributing author’s publication from the Society’s website, in exchange for a fixed payment from the sponsoring author. ACS AuthorChoice also enables such authors to post electronic copies of published articles on their own personal websites and institutional repositories for non-commercial scholarly purposes.

Lawrence J. Marnett

"The [ACS] Board of Directors recently adopted a new policy called Author Choice, which enables authors to pay to have their articles completely open access from day one. … I think it is such a good deal that I have taken advantage of it myself. An article that I published in the October 2006 issue of Chemical Research in Toxicology is the first fully open access article published in ANY American Chemical Society journal."

- Lawrence J. Marnett,
Chemical Research in Toxicology Editor-in-Chief
Mary Geddes Stahlman Professor of Cancer Research,
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
From the editorial in Vol. 20, Iss. 1, of Chemical Research in Toxicology

Significant discounts for ACS members and subscribers

With ACS AuthorChoice, significant discounts are applied for contributing authors who are members of the American Chemical Society and/or who are affiliated with an ACS subscribing institution. The fee structure is as follows:

  • $3,000: Base Fee (authors who are neither ACS members nor affiliated with an ACS subscribing institution)
  • $2,000: Affiliated Subscriber (non-ACS members affiliated with an ACS subscribing institution)
  • $1,500: ACS Member (ACS members not affiliated with an ACS subscribing institution)
  • $1,000: ACS Member and Affiliated Subscriber (ACS members affiliated with an ACS subscribing institution)

The ACS AuthorChoice option is extended to authors only after peer-review and editorial acceptance of their articles for publication, so as to ensure complete separation between scientific editorial decision-making and economic considerations. Upon an author’s payment to sponsor the ACS AuthorChoice option, the ACS will make the article freely available upon Web publication.

View more information about ACS AuthorChoice and journal features designed to streamline and enhance your research. Download a flyer [PDF] about ACS AuthorChoice.

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Washington, DC 20036

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