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I read following in DOI News - December 2007.

I think it essential that at least 2 of us read the draft ISO standard 
to see if it fits in with the IUCr needs and projects.

I would also be most interested in knowing if bodies like ICSTI and 
CODATA have organized their own discussions on this matter.

   A bit early I know but Happy Christmas to you all,


1. ISO standard on the DOI System

The DOI System is currently being standardised through the International 
Standards Organisation, ISO, and a working group (ISO TC46/SC9/WG7) has 
been active on this since September 2006.  Recently the ISO Working 
Group approved a final draft as a Committee Draft (standard for voting) 
to be processed by ISO through the formal ISO voting process.  It is 
expected that the process will be finalised during 2008.

A significant  part of this activity was clarification of the status of 
other identifier systems and how these can work with the DOI System; the 
draft standard includes recommendations on how this can be achieved 
through agreeing incorporation of other schemes into the syntax or 
metadata of the DOI System, and the International DOI Foundation (IDF) 
has already concluded  agreement regarding appropriate incorporation of 
some important ISO identifiers (ISBN, ISSN, ISRC) into the DOI System. A 
pilot application involving use of ISBNs within DOI names is underway.

Paul Jessop, Chief Technology Officer at the Recording Industry 
Association of America (RIAA) and a participant in the working group 
since its inception, commented: "I believe it is critical that anyone 
wanting to use an identification system that takes a rigorous approach 
to its metadata should be able to find one in the international 
standards portfolio. The DOI System builds on the same solid foundation 
that we helped to create in the indecs project and which we use 

Norman Paskin, Convenor of the Working Group, noted: "the agreement on a 
final standard draft, responding to comments from a wide variety of 
national standards bodies, means that the final draft is a substantial 
improvement on the original proposal submitted in Sept 2006, thanks to 
the active involvement of the 30+ participants in the working group who 
have provided critical improvements".

Brian Green, Chair of ISO TC46 SC9, commented: "the process of agreeing 
a final draft has been a significant one for SC9, which is now dealing 
with a wide variety of application areas and where the need for common 
approaches is becoming increasingly apparent".  In a related activity, 
the ISO TC46SC9 Identifier Interoperability Group has agreed to progress 
the development of a standard vocabulary of relationships between 
identified entities, foreseen in its earlier discussions, and the IDF 
welcomes this and intends to offer assistance in realising it.

For further information:

  -o- DOI System: Standards and Specifications: ISO TC46 Standards 
  -o- Identifier Interoperability: A Report on Two Recent ISO Activities 
  -o- Overview article on the DOI System for the forthcoming third 
edition of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, based 
on the ISO draft standard: (http://www.doi.org/overview/070710-Overview.pdf)
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