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Dear Professor Flack,

My name is Michael Fayez and I am the Publishing Editor of "Scholarly Research Exchange," which has recently been launched in order to publish original research articles in all areas of science, technology, and medicine. As an open access journal, Scholarly Research Exchange will be made freely available online to all readers.

In addition to being open access, Scholarly Research Exchange will differ from traditional scholarly journals in a number of important ways. First, the journal will employ a completely transparent peer review system, in which authors and reviewers interact directly throughout the review process. Submitting authors will be asked to suggest potential reviewers for their manuscript, and if these reviewers are approved by the journal's Editorial Office, they will be sent a review request. Reviewers who agree to submit a report will be asked to provide an assessment of the quality of the manuscript, a written critique addressed to the authors, and a written commentary addressed to the journal's readers.

Once the review reports for a manuscript have been submitted, authors will have the choice of revising their manuscript in order to address any concerns raised by the reviewers, or if they have received positive evaluations from at least three reviewers they can choose to move ahead with the publication of their article in its current form. Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the reviewers' commentaries and their assessment of the manuscript's quality are published alongside the final version of the article. A detailed description of the journal's review system can be found at http://www.syrexe.com/info.html.

Another aspect of Scholarly Research Exchange that will differ from many traditional journals is the ability for readers to comment on, and evaluate, published articles. This will effectively create a discussion forum around every published article, combining the reviewers' commentaries and evaluations with the comments and evaluations made by readers.

If you would be interested in submitting an article to Scholarly Research Exchange, you may do so using the journal web site http://www.syrexe.com/. More information about Scholarly Research Exchange and its transparent peer review system is available on the journal web site, and you should feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Michael Fayez

Michael Fayez
Journal Publishing Editor
Scholarly Research Exchange

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