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Re: Reports of IUCr representative to CODATA

> In 2007 the CODATA Office in Paris moved from the premises it occupied
> since the late 1970s on boulevard de Montmorency to 5 rue Auguste Vacquerie.

   So has ICSTI also moved out of Montmorency?

   I have another question.  What is happening with InChi these days? 
Can you give me a few up to date links?  For the purposes of reporting 
and evaluation, I'm still very concerned that CIF does not provide a way 
of introducing molecular information.  I think that I have come round to 
the point of view that the crystallographic and the molecular 
information should not be contained in the same file.  To implement such 
a strategy requires:
  (1) a public-domain crystallographic file (i.e. CIF) and
  (2) a public-domain molecular file, Is this InChi? and
  (3) a way of linking between the two.

[Brian: I apologize if you find the above somewhat confusing in relation 
to our recent exchange of e-mail!]

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