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NOBUGS 2002 - Final Submission Date

The time has finally come when we have to close the door on NOBUGS
abstract submissions. The FINAL (and we mean it this time) deadline is 1
October 2002. The web portal for submitting abstracts will be closed at
that time. The organizers reserve the right to act on their own
discretion to accept late submissions. This will be exercised only under
extraordinary circumstances.

The full program will be listed in a couple of days. Keep an eye on our
web site at


for the most up to date information.

Everyone is reminded that the registration and hotel booking deadlines
are drawing near. Please make sure that your arrangements are in place
ahead of time. NIST is a secure facility of the U. S. Government and, in
the wake of 9/11, advance arrangements must be made for all visitors.

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