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ATSAS 2 SAS Analysis package

Dear All,

This mail is being sent to you because you might be interested
in the new release of the small-angle scattering analysis
package. As the mail will be sent via a listserver
and a mailing list you may receive duplicate messages.
Sorry for inconvenience. If you are NOT interested in receiving
such announcements in future, please reply with "Remove ATSAS"
in the subject or message body. Thank you.

This is to announce a new release of small-angle
scattering analysis program package ATSAS version 2.0.

Main new features of ATSAS 2.0:

1. Most of the programs are running now on five platforms:

- WindowsPC (Win95/98/NT/2000/XP), QuickWin and console applications
- Silicon Graphics Workstations (Iris 6.5)
- DEC Alpha Workstations (True 64)
- LinuxPC (RedHat Linux 2.4, compiled by Gnu compiler)
- Macintosh (OS X, compiled by Gnu compiler)

2. A program PRIMUS for primary data processing and analysis is
available for WindowsPC. Performs data manipulations, merging,
extrapolation to zero concentration, Guinier and Porod plots etc.
For OTOKO users: PRIMUS also processes the data in raw OTOKO format,
detector response, axis calibration, averaging using the program SAPOKO.
Further, PRIMUS provides convenient interfaces to GNOM, peak analysis
program PEAK, singular value decomposition, programs OLIGOMER and
makes three-parameter fits (in terms of elipsoids, cylinders, prisms)

3. New versions of 3D-modelling programs MASSHA (WindowsPC, v. 2.1)
and ASSA (SGI, v. 2.1) are available.

4. For the analysis of polydisperse mixtures, programs OLIGOMER and
MIXTURE are available, as well as program PEAK for peak analysis of
partially ordered systems (the latter for WindowsPC only).

5. New and faster versions 2.0 of programs GASBOR and SUPCOMB are
as well as version 3.0 of the program package DAMAVER for the average
of multiple DAMMIN/GASBOR models.

6. A program GLOBSYMM is released for automated rigid body modelling
of symmetric oligomeric structures. A program package CREDO contains
programs to add missing loops or domains to high or low resoluiton

7. Graphical utilities to conveniently plot 1D-data are also available.

8. For PC users only: a complete distribution of PC programs using
Windows GUI
is available from the archive atsas20.zip. To install and run it, copy
the contents
into the directory c:\Atsas and make appropriate shortcuts.

Suggestions/comments are welcome!

ATSAS 2.0 team: D.Svergun, M.Petoukhov, V.Volkov, P.Konarev, A.Sokolova

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