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[SA_scat] Vacancy for SAXS Scientist at BioCAT, APS

The Illinois Institute of Technology's Biophysics Collaborative Access Team 
(BioCAT) at the Advanced Photon Source 
(<http://www.bio.aps.anl.gov/>www.bio.aps.anl.gov) seeks a beamline 
scientist with a Ph.D. in biophysics, physics, chemistry, or biology.  The 
successful candidate will have expertise in synchrotron small angle x-ray 
scattering (SAXS)  of biological systems.  Primary responsibilities include 
experimental support for visiting scientists and experimental 
design/configuration.  Experience with data analysis, detectors, and 
hardware/software interfacing is beneficial.  The successful candidate will 
be encouraged to develop an active collaborative research program.

Illinois Institute of Technology adheres to Affirmative Action/Equal 
Employment Opportunity policies and strongly encourages applications from 
members of minority groups and women

Please submit CV and reference list to:

T.C. Irving
Associate Professor of Biology,
Director Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT)
CSRRI, Dept. BCPS, Illinois Institute of Technology
3101 S. Dearborn, Chicago IL. 60616, USA
(312) 567-3489 FAX: (312)567-3494

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