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[SA_scat] Fwd: NeXus files for SAS raw data storage

>At a number of new synchrotron and neutron facilities SAS
>instruments are under construction and there is motivation for
>achieving standardisation of data.  The aim is to create an
>extensible self-consistent data format which would aid
>sharing visualisation and treatment programs, which could
>even be partly automated.
>Following the last NeXus meeting I was requested to collate
>the contributions from the SAS community on details
>to be incorporated in the NeXus descriptions of SAS raw data.
>Steve King, ISIS, (s.m.king@rl.ac.uk) is responsible for time of flight
>pulsed SANS, and we have co-opted Nick Terrill (Diamond)
>Nick.Terrill@diamond.ac.uk to help us contact and understand the
>needs of the SAXS community.
>I have started a web page http://www.ill.fr/lss/canSAS/nexcan.html
>where I hope to place your comments. I would also be most grateful
>if you would forward the message to groups where I have found no
>direct contact.
>It would be useful to have most replies before the end of the month,
>which, rather usefully, has 29 days.  It is most likely that there
>will be an opportunity for a discussion on details at the
>canSAS-IV Workshop for Small-Angle Scatterers
>Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, 12-14 May 2004
>Please send us your contributions, and ask your colleagues to
>help us in this task.
>Regards,   Ron Ghosh
>Ron Ghosh, Institut Laue Langevin
>6 rue Jules Horowitz,                  telephone: +33-476207178
>B.P. 156  cedex 9,                     secretary: +33-476207226
>Grenoble, 38042 FRANCE                       fax: +33-476483906

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