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[SA_scat] ACA USAS sessions,abstract deadline extended to 8 March 2004

Subject: ACA USAS sessions, abstract deadline extended to 8 March 2004

   Regarding the IConUSAS sessions at the
   American Crystallographic Association
       meeting this summer in Chicago

The deadline for abstract submissions has been
extended to Monday, 8 March 2004.
(Note that the starting page for submitting abstracts,
may not be updated to indicate this information.)

NOTE:  the deadline is only 1 week from right now!

The sessions are scheduled as follows:
11.01 Ultra Small Angle Scattering Science (SAS/MS/NS)
       21 July 2004, Wednesday, AM session

11.02 Ultra Small Angle Scattering Techniques(SAS/MS/NS)
       22 July 2004, Thursday, AM session

See you in Chicago!

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