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[SA_scat] CANSAS-IV Web Resource & CanSAS Wiki

Dear Colleague and Fellow Small-Angle Scatterer,

CANSAS-IV Web Resource

At the end of last May's successful CanSAS-IV Meeting we announced that we 
would make the material presented available - where the authors permitted 
us to do so - as a GENERAL RESOURCE to the SMALL-ANGLE SCATTERING Community.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we can announce that abstracts, 
talks, software, a report, and the participant photograph, are all now 
available from the CanSAS-IV website at:


Please remember that all material is subject to copyright and that you 
should seek the permission of the copyright holder (ie, the author) before 
using it or reproducing it.

CanSAS Wiki

One of the other ideas that was born at CANSAS-IV was that of a Web-based 
discussion forum; called a "Wiki".  Unlike a traditional email "bulletin 
board" where you might get bombarded by emails (or miss some important ones 
because someone didn't post a reply properly), a Wiki works like a chalk 
board; you write on it when you feel like it and everyone that views the 
page subsequently can see what you wrote!  (BUT... only WE can delete 

As a first step, we have initiated three "discussions":

- one on the development of NeXus Instrument Definition Files for UNTREATED 
(RAW) small-angle scattering data (this is not yet "active");

- one on a proposal that the CanSAS Community develop a data file format 
for 1D TREATED data, and;

- one on a proposal that the CanSAS Community develop a data file format 
for 2D TREATED data.

All we would ask the Community to do is to visit the Wiki, read the 
proposals, have a think about them and, if you have a (hopefully 
constructive!) comment, leave it for others to think about.  What could be 
better suited to coffee breaks or Friday afternoons?! :-)


We trust you will find both resources useful.

Best regards,

Steve King (ISIS)
Nick Terrill (Diamond)

canSAS-IV Local Organisers

! Please note that I shall be out of the office:             !
! 6 October, 22-25 October, 16-17 November, 24 November 2004 !
! Dr Stephen King                                            !
! ISIS Spallation Neutron Source                             !
! Rutherford Appleton Laboratory                             !
! Chilton                                                    !
! DIDCOT  OX11 0QX                                           !
! U.K.                                                       !
!                                                            !
! Tel:   01235-446437/6859   Fax: 01235-445720               !
!        01235-445188 (Secretary)                            !
!                                                            !
! Email: s.m.king@rl.ac.uk                                   !
!                                                            !
! WWW:   http://www.isis.rl.ac.uk/LargeScale/LOQ/loq.htm   ! 

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