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[SA_scat] Neutron Scattering from Biological Systems

Autumn Meeting 2004
of the
BCA Physical Crystallography Group
and the
IoP Structural Condensed Matter Physics Group

Neutron Scattering from Biological Systems

Cosener's House, Abingdon, OXON

13-14 December 2004

Hosted at Cosener's House, Abingdon, OXON and supported by the PCG and
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Organising Committee: John R. Helliwell (Dept. of Chemistry, University of
Manchester), Jeff Penford (ISIS Facility, CCLRC), John S.O. Evans (Dept. of
Chemistry, University of Durham) and P.A. Thomas (dept. of Physics,
University of Warwick)

Local Organiser Paolo G. Radaelli

In this meeting we aim to give a broad overview of the contribution of
neutrons to biology, with particular emphasis on neutron protein
crystallography, neutron fibre diffraction, small-angle scattering and
reflectometry from systems such as enzymes, amyloids, membranes, proteins
absorbed on surfaces, drug delivery vehicles, biosensors and many more.
These topics will be introduced by a series of invited and contributing
speakers and by a poster session, but there will also be ample time for an
open discussion about the present and future of neutron techniques and
facilities. In particular, we will explore the opportunities for neutron
scattering experiments in biology at existing and future neutron sources,
such as the ISIS Second Target Station. We expect a stimulating discussion
on these topics to continue over our traditional Christmas Dinner. The level
of the presentations will be suitable for beginners and expert alike. The
meeting will start at 1:30 PM on December 13, 2004 and end at 12:30 PM on
December 14, 2004.

We encourage graduate students to attend, and to bring posters for display
at the meeting.

Confirmed speakers: Mathew Blackley (EMBL - Grenoble) Giovanna Fragneto
(Institut Laue-Langevin), Hermann Heumann (Max Planck Institute of
Biochemistry), Jayne Lawrence (King's College London) Bob Thomas (University
of Oxford), Peter Timmins (Institut Laue-Langevin), Tim Wess (University of

A registration form is available as an HTML document by clicking the link

Registration Form <http://bca.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/bca/pcg/reg2004.htm>. 

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