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[SA_scat] ATSAS 2.3 announcement

Dear Small-Angle Scatterers,

this message is to announce a new ATSAS release 2.3.
It includes installers for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms,
and also context-sensitive help for all major programs.

The new features of individual programs include:

- DAMMIF: version with unlimited search space
- GASBOR: multi-CPU version for Linux
- SASREF and BUNCH: versions to fit slit-smeared (Kratky-type) data
- SASREF: limitations on rotation/translation possible
- CRYSOL: faster data fitting, batch processing, removal of rotamers

New programs include:

- FFMAKER program to prepare form factors for OLIGOMER
- DAMCLUST program to clastreize multiple ab initio or rigid body models
- AUTOGNOM, an automated version of GNOM for monodisperse systems
- AUTOPOROD, automated computation of the excluded particle volume
- AUTOMERGE, automated extrapolation to zero concentration

ATSAS 2.3 is free for download for academic users from the EMBL Web site

If you have questions or problems using ATSAS, please post your queries
to the forum: www.saxier.org/forum

With best regards   ATSAS Team

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