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[SA_scat] [SPAM] ASSP Conference on Intrinsically DisorderedProteins in Barcelona

Dear All,

The registration is open to the Barcelona BioMED Conference on Intrinsically
Disordered Proteins in Biomedicine to be held in Barcelona on the 4-6 of
October 2010.

This conference is chaired by Miquel Pons and Pau Bernadó (Institute for
Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona) and Peter E. Wright (Scripps Research
Institute, La Jolla).

Intrinsically disordered proteins are Nature’s response to the increased
complexity of higher organisms and are associated with diseases such as
Cancer and Neurodegeneration. Genome sequencing projects and bioinformatics
analyses have shown that disordered proteins are highly abundant in
eukaryotes and are tightly regulated. Enabling technologies that offer
structural information in solution, such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,
Small Angle X-ray scattering, and single molecule fluorescence, are
providing novel insights into the structural propensities and interactions
of disordered proteins. A new paradigm, in which dynamic averaging of
conformational ensembles is central, is emerging for the structural and
functional analysis of disordered proteins.

This conference gathers together some of the major contributors to the
development of this field to analyze the current ideas and future avenues of
research in a multidisciplinary, think-tank atmosphere.

Organised by IRB Barcelona with the collaboration of the Banco Bilbao
Vizcaya Argentaria Foundation <http://www.fbbva.es/> (fBBVA).

Hosted by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans <http://www.iec.cat/> (IEC).

Additional Information as well as the list of speakers can be obtained at
the webpage:


Best Regards

Pau Bernadó
Biomolecular NMR
Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Parc Científic de Barcelona
Baldiri Reixac, 10
08028 Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 403 7132
e-mail: pau.bernado@irbbarcelona.org
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