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[SA_scat] Post-doc position - Membrane Biophysics [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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  • Subject: [SA_scat] Post-doc position - Membrane Biophysics [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
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  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 21:27:10 +1100
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Post Doctoral Fellowship
Lateral Phase Separation in Lipid Mixtures, the Effects of Sugars and Mechanisms of Cryoprotection of Cell Membranes
2 year term (with possible 1 year extension)
Salary range: A$72,358 (plus 15.4% superannuation)
• Competitive salary package
• Leading edge Research

ANSTO is one of Australia’s foremost scientific research and development organisations, focused on delivering the benefits of nuclear science to the Australian community.

The Bragg Institute is the research center for the construction and use of neutron-scattering instrumentation at the new OPAL reactor close to Sydney. The Scientists of The Bragg Institute are renowned for being the leading group of neutron scatterers in the Southern Hemisphere.

We are currently seeking a post-doctoral fellow to study the Lateral Phase Separation in Lipid Mixtures, the Effects if Sugars and Mechanisms of Cryoprotection of Cell Membranes. The aim of this study is to understand fundamental process involved in the formation of lipid rafts particularly in the context of cryo- and anhydro- biology, where simple solute molecules (sugars) protect membranes from deleterious phase transitions with varying temperature and moisture content.

The successful candidate will utilise neutron and x-ray scattering instrumentation including the reflectometer Platypus, the SANS instrument Quokka, and chemical deuteration facilities within ANSTO’s Bragg Institute to produce high quality science.
You will have a PhD in Neutron or x-ray scattering and experience particularly in grazing incidence/off-specular techniques, as well as an established publication track record in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

To be eligible for appointment, applicants will require a security and medical assessment.

More information about the research proposal and the Position Information Package, is available on our website www.ansto.gov.au
Applications must be submitted online, should include details of three (3) references and a complete list of refereed publications, invited talks, and research grants held.

For more information on how to apply, please contact Joanne Olma on +61 2 9717 9402. For further technical information on the research project, please call Chris Garvey on +61 2 9717 9328.

Applications close: 14 November 2010

Thank you for your interest in the advertised employment opportunity with ANSTO.

This position information package accompanied by the advertisement provides a comprehensive overview of application requirements for this position. Included in this package is a full Position Description and information regarding the criteria used during the selection process. The information provided in this package should form the basis of your application.

• Selection Criteria
Selection criteria are a fundamental part of ANSTO's job application process. They describe the skills, abilities, knowledge, required formal qualifications and personal qualities an individual needs to perform a role effectively.

• Position Description
The position description will give you a more detailed outline of the position including the positions environment, key accountabilities and Challenges relating to the role.

• Information on how to apply for a position at ANSTO
This hyperlink to our website will assist you with tips and suggestions on how to write and structure your application for an ANSTO position.

You should include in your application:
• A curriculum vitae (resume) of roughly no more than 3 pages
• Selection Criteria response (you will be asked to submit a response to each criteria via the ANSTO online application form)
• Names and contact details of at least two professional referees (you will be asked to submit these details via the ANSTO online application form)
• A complete list of refereed publications, invited talks, and research grants held should be included in your curriculum vitae (resume)(For Scientific Positions only)

In order to give the selection committee the necessary information to process your application further, you should frame your application taking into account the information contained in this package. If after reading the attached documentation, you require further information please contact the ANSTO Recruitment Team on (02) 9717 3094.

Kind regards,

ANSTO Recruitment team 
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