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IUCr-Teaching: Summary of the Commissions requests for the

Re the PDF file that was just sent by Dr. Carlo Mealli.
(moderately repeating a post sent to the Computing Commission)

Some of the other commissions gave some very detailed suggestions for

Should we discuss submitting some tentative titles to Carlo?

Also, for "Suggested Candidates for the Scientific Program Committee" -
would there be any disagreements putting forward Reinhard to be
this commission' representative?


As it is 5am in the morning here and I am probably not at my most original
at this point for suggesting symposia titles - I would like to suggest
the following starters:

1. Effective teaching of advanced spacegroup theory and symmetry
2. Modern methods of teaching of crystallographic fundamentals
3. Computer methods that teach crystallography and not obscure it
4. Methods for teaching practical protein crystallography
5. Methods for teaching practical powder diffraction
6. Methods for teaching practical single crystal methods
7. Teaching incommensute methods
8. Teaching quasicrystal crystallography

If Reinhard is to be on the program committee - should he have the final
say - so he has something he wants to work with and haggle for slots
with the programming committee.  Based on what happened to the requested
computing commission symposia at Geneva (only a low priority request was
allocated) - the teaching commission might have to be a bit aggressive in
making sure it is not cut to the point where it is not really got anything?


>Dear Collegue,
>please find in the attached document a summary of all of the inputs that 
>I have received from the Commisions, up to date. I will appreciate 
>receiving from you any useful integration.
>Best regards,
>Dr. Carlo Mealli
>Dr. Carlo Mealli
>Via J. Nardi 39
>50132 Firenze, Italia
>Tel. 0039 055 2346653 Fax 0039 055 2478366
>Cell Phone 328 8172871
>Attachment Converted: C:\Eudora\Attach\SecondCall.pdf

Lachlan M. D. Cranswick
30th March till 5th May 2003 - visiting: Maproom Rm 31
Geochemistry - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
PO Box 1000, 61 Route 9W Palisades, New York 10964-1000 USA
Tel: (845) 365-8302;  Fax: (845) 365-8155; E-mail: l.m.d.cranswick@dl.ac.uk

After 6th May 2003:
Neutron Program for Materials Research (NPMR), 
National Research Council (NRC),
Building 459, Station 18, Chalk River Laboratories,
Chalk River, Ontario, Canada, K0J 1J0
Tel: (613) 584-8811; Fax: (613) 584-4040

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