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Re: Proposal for the Teaching Commission (fwd)

The teaching pamphlets are very valuable.  I certainly refer students to the iucr website for these.
If there are people willing to write them, by all means ask them to go ahead.  The commission might only be needed for final editing, if necessary.


L. Cranswick wrote:
If there are volunteers ready to do the work, what actual Commission 
member involvement is required?  Can they be told to go ahead and
return when they have their drafts ready?  


Dear members/consultants of the Teaching Commission
I am forwarding an exchange of messages copied to me by my colleague and
friend Giovanni Ferraris of the University of Turin who with  Prof 
Dhananjiai Pandey support the possibility to re-start producing the
pamphlets like that ones produced some time ago.
I should like very much to know your opinion on this matter and in case
who would like to volunteer for starting with a possible programme.
I will send very soon detailed information about the school (you
probably remeber the exchange of messages we had at the end of last
september on this subject) planned for next september in Pontignano. 
Please, send me a reply to this message to let me know that you have
received it.
Wishing a very happy and successful 2006
Best regards

     Dear Dhananjai,
I appreciate very much you proposal to be responsible of a liaison
between CIMS and the Teaching Commission. In particular, I would be
very happy if you could organize the publication of pamphlets as you
mention in your message below. I suggest you to directly contact the
Chair of the Teaching Commission, Paola Spadon paola.spadon@unipd.it
(who receives CC this message), in order to agree a programme.
Best regards

At 13.47 23/11/2005, you wrote:
Dear Giovanni,
         Sorry, I could not reply to you earlier than today as I
was out of town. As regards the responsibilities, I shall be happy
to Liaison with the commission on crystallographic teaching for
preparation of new pamphlets. As you may already be aware, this
commission brought out twenty pamphlets in the initial years and I
happened to have written one of these. I think we should identify a
few topics and some potential writers for writing pamphlets related
to teaching of mineralogical and inorganic structures. I can
coordinate this programme.
With best regards,
Yours sincerely
Dr. Dhananjai Pandey, FASc, FNA
Professor and Coordinator,
School of Materials Science and Technology, Institute of Technology,
Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi-221005, INDIA
Telephone: 91-542-2307047/46(Office)
Fax: 91-542-2368707/2368428

Paola Spadon
President of the Italian Crystallographic Association AIC
Executive Secretary of the Erice International School of Crystallography
Dip. Scienze Chimiche  - via Marzolo, 1 - 35131 Padova,
phone: ++39.049.827.5275        fax:   ++39.049.827.5239
e-mail: paola.spadon@unipd.it

Please, NOTE:   if you wish to have news about the next Erice meeting, 
                   "Structural Biology of Large Molecular Assemblies", 
9 - 18 June 2006,     
                                   click onto        
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in Modeling,
          Design, and Applications
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