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FW: Proposal for the Teaching Commission (fwd)

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From: Kantardjieff, Katherine 
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 9:46 AM
To: 'Discussion list of the IUCr Commission on Crystallographic
Subject: RE: Proposal for the Teaching Commission (fwd)

I think the production of teaching pamphlets is an interesting idea, and
we might consider instead or in addition, providing these in electronic
form, which would probably reach a broader audience. These can be
endorsed by the IUCr, as well as all the regional affiliates. There are
actually quite a number of teaching materials already floating about and
available, and the commission might wish to first gather information on
all of these, review them and endorse what is already of suitable
quality. Furthermore, the US Committee and ACA have recently completed a
draft policy statement on education and training in crystallography for
the 21st century. These guidelines could be used in developing/reviewing
materials. The policy document is now circulating for final approval,
and I believe it will be submitted to the IUCr later this spring.

In practice, if there are people interested in taking on the task of
creating new or revising existing materials, I would like to see them
submit a short proposal or outline to the commission. This would
indicate what they intend to produce, the objectives and the target
audience. The commission can approve or make suggestions, and then set a
timeline to complete a specific task or tasks.


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Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 9:30 AM
To: IUCr Teaching Commission Listserv
Subject: Proposal for the Teaching Commission (fwd)

If there are volunteers ready to do the work, what actual Commission 
member involvement is required?  Can they be told to go ahead and
return when they have their drafts ready?  


> Dear members/consultants of the Teaching Commission
> I am forwarding an exchange of messages copied to me by my colleague
> friend Giovanni Ferraris of the University of Turin who with  Prof 
> Dhananjiai Pandey support the possibility to re-start producing the
> pamphlets like that ones produced some time ago.
> I should like very much to know your opinion on this matter and in
> who would like to volunteer for starting with a possible programme.
> I will send very soon detailed information about the school (you
> probably remeber the exchange of messages we had at the end of last
> september on this subject) planned for next september in Pontignano. 
> Please, send me a reply to this message to let me know that you have
> received it.
> Wishing a very happy and successful 2006
> Best regards
> Paola
> ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
>      Dear Dhananjai,
> > > I appreciate very much you proposal to be responsible of a liaison
> > > between CIMS and the Teaching Commission. In particular, I would
> > > very happy if you could organize the publication of pamphlets as
> > > mention in your message below. I suggest you to directly contact
> > > Chair of the Teaching Commission, Paola Spadon
> > > (who receives CC this message), in order to agree a programme.
> > > Best regards
> > > Giovanni
> > >
> > > At 13.47 23/11/2005, you wrote:
> > >>Dear Giovanni,
> > >>          Sorry, I could not reply to you earlier than today as I
> > >> was out of town. As regards the responsibilities, I shall be
> > >> to Liaison with the commission on crystallographic teaching for
> > >> preparation of new pamphlets. As you may already be aware, this
> > >> commission brought out twenty pamphlets in the initial years and
> > >> happened to have written one of these. I think we should identify
> > >> few topics and some potential writers for writing pamphlets
> > >> to teaching of mineralogical and inorganic structures. I can
> > >> coordinate this programme.
> > >>With best regards,
> > >>Yours sincerely
> > >>Dhananjai
> > >
> > > Dr. Dhananjai Pandey, FASc, FNA
> > > Professor and Coordinator,
> > > School of Materials Science and Technology, Institute of
> > > Banaras Hindu University,
> > > Varanasi-221005, INDIA
> > > Telephone: 91-542-2307047/46(Office)
> > > Fax: 91-542-2368707/2368428
> > >
> -- 
> Paola Spadon
> President of the Italian Crystallographic Association AIC
> Executive Secretary of the Erice International School of
> Dip. Scienze Chimiche  - via Marzolo, 1 - 35131 Padova,
> Italy                      
> phone: ++39.049.827.5275        fax:   ++39.049.827.5239
> e-mail: paola.spadon@unipd.it
> Please, NOTE:   if you wish to have news about the next Erice meeting,

>                    "Structural Biology of Large Molecular Assemblies",

> 9 - 18 June 2006,     
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> http://crystalerice.org                             
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> in Modeling,
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