International Union of Crystallography


  • Darren Pagan (Chair, USA)
  • Ashley Bucsek (Vice Chair, USA)
  • Masakazu Kobayashi (Japan)
  • Erik Lauridsen (Denmark)
  • Ulrich Lienert (Secretary, Germany)
  • Sébastien Merkel (France)
  • Reeju Pokharel (USA)
  • Henning Friis Poulsen (Denmark)
  • Leyun Wang (People's Republic of China)


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Terms of Reference

The Commission on Diffraction Microstructure Imaging was established at the Prague General Assembly in August 2021.
  • Creation of physical test specimens that can be transferred between practicing facilities, and recommendation of best practices
  • Standardize data formats that can be read in and out across software packages
  • Develop a hub website for the DMI community to: host links to the webpages and instruction of codes, provide news of critical updates; track the location of physical test-standards; host test data sets for community use; and advertise upcoming workshops, sessions at conferences, and relevant employment opportunities for students and post-doctoral researchers
  • Provide educational materials including online lectures describing the theoretical background of the techniques and written tutorials for both experimental and data processing best practices
  • Improve community networking and communication through publication of a newsletter to provide updates regarding publications and software packages
  • Build the community by establishing and coordinating workshops, (sessions at) conferences, and a support network for young researchers
  • Introduce a yearly science thrust that will be supported by a workshop designed to bring together experts and new users to chart paths forward for developing techniques covered by the science thrust
  • Host session(s) at each yearly workshop aimed at addressing diversity issues within the community
  • Familiarize the DMI community with the IUCr family of journals and recommend publishing their work in one of the IUCr journals as appropriate