International Union of Crystallography


  • Darren Pagan (Chair, USA)
  • Ashley Bucsek (Vice Chair, USA)
  • Masakazu Kobayashi (Japan)
  • Erik Lauridsen (Denmark)
  • Ulrich Lienert (Secretary, Germany)
  • Sébastien Merkel (France)
  • Reeju Pokharel (USA)
  • Henning Friis Poulsen (Denmark)
  • Leyun Wang (People's Republic of China)


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Annual Reports 

As a new Commission, no reports have yet been submitted to the Executive Committee. 

Triennial Reports

As a new Commission, no reports have yet been submitted to the Executive Committee.

Terms of Reference

The Commission on Diffraction Microstructure Imaging was established at the Prague General Assembly in August 2021.
  • Creation of physical test specimens that can be transferred between practicing facilities, and recommendation of best practices
  • Standardize data formats that can be read in and out across software packages
  • Develop a hub website for the DMI community to: host links to the webpages and instruction of codes, provide news of critical updates; track the location of physical test-standards; host test data sets for community use; and advertise upcoming workshops, sessions at conferences, and relevant employment opportunities for students and post-doctoral researchers
  • Provide educational materials including online lectures describing the theoretical background of the techniques and written tutorials for both experimental and data processing best practices
  • Improve community networking and communication through publication of a newsletter to provide updates regarding publications and software packages
  • Build the community by establishing and coordinating workshops, (sessions at) conferences, and a support network for young researchers
  • Introduce a yearly science thrust that will be supported by a workshop designed to bring together experts and new users to chart paths forward for developing techniques covered by the science thrust
  • Host session(s) at each yearly workshop aimed at addressing diversity issues within the community
  • Familiarize the DMI community with the IUCr family of journals and recommend publishing their work in one of the IUCr journals as appropriate