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IUCr supported meetings

These forthcoming meetings are supported by grants from the IUCr Calendar Committee.

 25th Feb 2020 - 27th Feb 2020

4th International Workshop on X-ray Crystallography in Structural Biology

Bahawalpur, Pakistan

 16th Mar 2020 - 20th Mar 2020

Understanding Biology through Structure

Santa Fe, NM, United States

 23rd Mar 2020 - 27th Mar 2020

4th International Symposium on Halogen Bonding (ISXB4)

Stellenbosch, South Africa

 26th Mar 2020 - 29th Mar 2020

3rd LACA School on Small Molecule Crystallography

Mexico City, Mexico

 29th Mar 2020 - 2nd Apr 2020

Powder Diffraction and Rietveld Refinement School 2020

Durham, United Kingdom

 30th Mar 2020 - 4th Apr 2020

2020 edition of RapiData at SSRL

Menlo Park, CA, United States

 26th May 2020 - 30th May 2020

17th European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC17)

Šibenik, Croatia

 5th Jul 2020 - 11th Jul 2020

Sixth European School (ECS6)

Budapest, Hungary

 15th Jul 2020 - 17th Jul 2020

RIXS-REXS 2020: Workshop on Resonant Elastic and Inelastic X-ray Scattering 2020

Port Jefferson, NY, United States

 19th Aug 2020 - 21st Aug 2020

School on SAXS/SANS and BioSAXS/BioSANS data analysis

Kutná Hora, Prague, Czech Republic

 1st Nov 2020 - 5th Nov 2020

Crystallography for Space Sciences

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia