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Meetings calendar

This is a list of meetings of interest to crystallographers occurring within the next twelve months, as recorded in the IUCr Calendar of Events. Please let us know of any that are missing by completing this form or sending an email to

Zurich School of Crystallography 2022: Bring your own crystals Switzerland 19th Jun 2022 - 30th Jun 2022
PNCC Microscope Operation Workshop Summer 2022 United States 20th Jun 2022 - 1st Jul 2022
FASEB Virus Structure and Assembly Conference United States 26th Jun 2022 - 30th Jun 2022
14th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation (BSR14) Sweden 28th Jun 2022 - 1st Jul 2022
International Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State (ICCOSS XXV) North Macedonia 3rd Jul 2022 - 9th Jul 2022
Combined Analysis using X-ray Scattering France 4th Jul 2022 - 8th Jul 2022
EMBO / Pasteur Practical Course on Integral Structural Biology France 4th Jul 2022 - 9th Jul 2022
SESAME-Africa Online Workshop Virtual 6th Jul 2022 1:00pm-5:00pm
16th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids (PNCS16) United Kingdom 10th Jul 2022 - 16th Jul 2022
XAFS2022 Australia 10th Jul 2022 - 15th Jul 2022
ECS7. 7th European Crystallographic School Portugal 10th Jul 2022 - 15th Jul 2022
Second National Crystallographic Meeting Portugal 15th Jul 2022 - 16th Jul 2022
2nd International Conference on Noncovalent Interactions France 18th Jul 2022 - 22nd Jul 2022
23rd General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association France 18th Jul 2022 - 22nd Jul 2022
Instruct-ing Structural Biologists Towards Integration Virtual 18th Jul 2022 - 21st Jul 2022
3rd European School on Crystal Growth (ESCG3) France 20th Jul 2022 - 23rd Jul 2022
Polarised Neutron School United States 24th Jul 2022 - 25th Jul 2022
Polarized Neutrons for Condensed Matter Investigations (PNCMI) United States 25th Jul 2022 - 29th Jul 2022
7th European Conference on Crystal Growth (ECCG7) France 25th Jul 2022 - 27th Jul 2022
Workshop 3: Cryo-Electron Tomography: State of the Art Methods United States 29th Jul 2022
ACA2022 United States 29th Jul 2022 - 3rd Aug 2022
Microscopy & Microanalysis M&M2022 United States 31st Jul 2022 - 4th Aug 2022
MS+M_22: Frontiers in Native Mass Spectrometry and Single-Molecule Imaging United Kingdom 14th Aug 2022 - 18th Aug 2022
Robert Stewart School 2: Spin and charge densities modelling France 20th Aug 2022 - 22nd Aug 2022
12th International Conference on Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS2022) United Kingdom 21st Aug 2022 - 26th Aug 2022
International Cryo-EM (ICE) Workshop for Advanced Materials United States 22nd Aug 2022 - 25th Aug 2022
15th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science (ISSRNS 2022) Poland 22nd Aug 2022 - 25th Aug 2022
33rd European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM33) France 23rd Aug 2022 - 27th Aug 2022
6th CrysAC workshop: "Micro- and nano-diffraction for cultural heritage" France 23rd Aug 2022
Electron Crystallography School France 29th Aug 2022 - 1st Sep 2022
Mathematics and Computer Science for Materials Innovation: Crystal Lattice Classifications United Kingdom 5th Sep 2022 - 9th Sep 2022
28th Croatian-Slovenian Crystallographic Meeting Croatia 7th Sep 2022 - 11th Sep 2022
SAS2022: XVIII International Small Angle Scattering Conference Brazil 11th Sep 2022 - 16th Sep 2022
9th Electron Tomography Congress Netherlands 11th Sep 2022 - 14th Sep 2022
Frederick National Laboratory Cryo-EM Training Workshop United States 12th Sep 2022 - 16th Sep 2022
7th School of Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS School) Brazil 16th Sep 2022 - 20th Sep 2022
24th Heart of Europe Bio-Crystallography Meeting Czech Republic 22nd Sep 2022 - 24th Sep 2022
AsCA2022: 17th Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association Republic of Korea 30th Oct 2022 - 2nd Nov 2022
V Meeting of the Latin American Crystallographic Association Costa Rica 28th Nov 2022 - 30th Nov 2022
2022 IUCr High Pressure Workshop “Advanced High Pressure Crystallography” United States 6th Dec 2022 - 10th Dec 2022