Volume 10, Number 1 (2002)

On the cover

Three dimensional structures inspire imagination and creativity. The depiction of a C60F18 molecule as a whimsical turtle was kindly provided by Ivan Neretin. The autostereogram of diaza-bicyclo[2.2.2]octane perchlorate, the creation of Andrzej Katrusiak [J. of Mol. Graphics and Modeling, 19, 363-367 (2001)] can be viewed as a simple illustration or as a stereogram.

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D. Allen, S. Barnett, U. Bismayer, I. D. Brown, H. B. Bürgi, B. Byrne, R. Cerny, N. Chayen, D. Cockayne, B. David, L. Delbaere, R. Dinnebier, C. Gilmore, I. Goldberg, M. Guss, M. Hackert, S. Hall, S. Iwata, M. Jaskolski, B. Kahr, F. Lincoln, P. Mallinson, M. Moore, A. R. Oganov, E. Orlova, H. Powell, S. Price, D. Pushcharovsky, H. Rietveld, A. Roodt, W. Rypniewski, P. Scardi, K. Stadnicka, M. Vickers, I. A. Wilson, J. Wolny, T. Yamanaka.

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