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Old series (1993-2017)
Editors: William L. Duax, Judith Flippen-Anderson

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President
Sine Larsen

IUCr journals news

The absolute configuration of 1-epialexine hemihydrate
A.L. ThompsonD.J. Watkin, Z.A. Gal, L. Jones, J. Hollinshead, S.F. Jenkinson, G.W.J. FleetR.J. Nash

IUCr journals news

De novo sulfur SAD phasing of the lysosomal 66.3 kDa protein from mouse
K. LakomekA. Dickmanns, U. Mueller, K. Kollmann, F. Deuschl, A. Berndt, T. LübkeR. Ficner

IUCr journals news

The structure of NMB1585, a MarR-family regulator from Neisseria meningitidis
C.E. NicholsS. Sainsbury, J. Ren, T.S. Walter, A. Verma, D.K. Stammers, N.J. SaundersR.J. Owens

IUCr journals news

Structural changes in nanocrystalline mackinawite (FeS) at high pressure
L. EhmF.M. Michel, S.M. Antao, C.D. Martin, P.L. Lee, S.D. Shastri, P.J. ChupasJ.B. Parise

IUCr journals news

Capturing molecular structural dynamics by 100 ps time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy
T. SatoS. Nozawa, K. Ichiyanagi, A. Tomita, M. Chollet, H. Ichikawa, H. Fujii, S. AdachiS. Koshihara

Special report

Crystallography in Great Britain and Ireland
Bob GouldDavid Blow, Stephen Wallwork, Andrea Sharpe, Airlie McCoy, Graham Bushnell-Wye, Kate Crennell, Simon Coles, Mike HursthouseAndrew Bond

Awards and prizes

CrSJ 2008 Awards