Logos for the three Regional Affiliates with photos from the meeting cities. For details of the minerals, see From the editor's desk.
Old series (1993-2017)
Editors: William L. Duax, Judith Flippen-Anderson

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President
Gautam R. Desiraju

IUCr journals news

Molecular crystallography of icosahedral viruses
T. KeefJ. P. Wardman, N. A. Ranson, P. G. Stockley, R. TwarockA. Janner

IUCr journals news

The AEROPATH project targeting Pseudomonas aeruginosa: crystallographic studies for assessment of potential targets in early-stage drug discovery
L. MoynieR. Schnell, S. A. McMahon, T. Sandalova, W. A. Boulkerou, J. W. Schmidberger, M. Alphey, C. Cukier, F. Duthie, J. Kopec, H. Liu, A. Jacewicz, W. N. Hunter, J. H. NaismithG. Schneider

Feature article

Member Profile and Favorite Crystal
G. R. Desiraju

Meeting report

ACA 2012 part 2
Eric ArmstrongGraeme Conn, Karen N. Allen, Zachary Wood, Cynthia Stauffacher, Tad Koga, Kevin G. Yager, Xiaobing Zuo, Angela Criswell, Eddie Snell, Arwen Pearson, Alberto Albinati, Lee Daniels, Larry Falvello, Allen Oliver, Xiaoping Wang, Ashfia Huq, Gregory Halder, Sai Venkatesh Pingali, Andrey Yakovenko, Joseph Orgel, Olga Antipova, Michel Fodje, Katharine Page, Antonio dos Santos, Eric Ortlund, George Lountos, James A. Kaduk, Craig Bridges, Vadim Cherezov, Matthew Peterson, Magali Hickey, Stephan Burley, Andrew Torelli, Ed CollinsBranton Campbell


My Favorite Crystal
Luc Van Meervelt

Meeting report

Seventh Belgian Symposium
Luc Van Meervelt


Louise Napier Johnson (1940-2012)
Elspeth Garman


Boris Kamenar (1929 ‒ 2012)
Marina Cindrić


Guy Dodson FRS (1937-2012)
E. N. Baker


From the editor's desk
William L. Duax