IUCr Journals Poster Prizes at BCA 2024

IUCr Poster Prize Awardees, from left: Shivani Grover (photo courtesy of Claire Hobday), Daniel Rainer and Cicely Tam.

Three IUCr Journals Poster Prizes were awarded at the annual conference of the British Crystallographic Association (BCA), held at the University of Leeds, UK, just before Easter 2024. The judges were looking for the three best posters from an undergraduate, postgraduate or postdoctoral researcher with up to three years' experience in distinct areas of crystallography such as structural biology, structural chemistry and applied crystallography. The judging panel was chaired by Dr Briony Yorke (University of Leeds). The prize winners were as follows, in alphabetical order:

Dr Shivani Grover, a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh, UK, whose poster was entitled “Understanding the barocaloric effect in choline based plastic crystals from ab initio molecular dynamics”.

Dr Daniel Rainer, Specialist Technician for Electron Diffraction at the National Electron Diffraction Facility, University of Southampton, UK, whose poster was entitled “The National Electron Diffraction Facility – what, where, and how for 3DED now”.

Cicely Tam, an Industrial Placement Student at Diamond Light Source, Didcot, UK, whose poster was entitled “Optimising and automating microcrystallisation methods for serial crystallography”.

The prize comprised a copy each of the IUCr’s Little Dictionary of Crystallography 3rd edition, a complimentary three-year membership of the IUCr Associates Programme and a certificate.


The IUCr would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous Chair, Professor John Helliwell, for filling this role so enthusiastically and to Dr Yorke for taking over the task.

19 April 2024

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