Volume 8, Number 1 (2000)

On the cover

The 2000 promotional leaflet for IUCr journals, created by Andrea Sharpe at the Chester editorial office, shows a selection of cover illustrations from each of the journal titles.

Editorial and production

William L. Duax Editor
Patricia Coley Newsletter Design & Production
Jane Griffin Assistant Editor


F. Allen, K. Al-Sayed, J.P. Attfield, A. Authier, P.T. Beurskens, I. D. Brown, A.T. Brunger, B. Craven, K. Crennell, G.R. Desiraju, R. Destro, L. Farrugia, G. Ferguson, J. Gale, M. Glowka, J. Glusker, M. Harel, S. Hasnain, J.R. Helliwell, J.A.K. Howard, T. Janssen, X. Jin, L.N. Johnson, H. Kamitsubo, L. Karanovic, T. Kirchhausen, H. Klapper, B. Kobe, G. Kostorz, F.K. Larsen, C. Lecomte, K. Lukaszewicz, Y. Noda, Y. Ohashi, I. Olovsson, P. Pyykkš, N.K.A.M. Rashid, J. Rodriguez-Carvajal, W. Saenger, I. Schlichting, S.P. Sen Gupta, A. Sharpe, Y. Simonov, M.A. Spackman, P. Strickland, K. Suwinska, P. Thomas, A. Vegas, D. Watkin, M.S. Weiss.

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