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Re: CIF-JSON draft 2017-05-15

My proposal is that everything we have been talking about {...} be wrapped by a self-identifying object with the single item "CIF-JSON":


So while it is possible that there will be white-space:




it is highly probable that this white space would be minimal, and that certainly within the first N finite number of characters we would see "CIF-JSON".

Or, if a reader does need to read the entire file to process any JSON data of any sort instead of streaming the data (Jmol might do this, too), then at least we know that the outer object will have a single key, and that key will be "CIF-JSON".

It occurs to me that we could then also allow concatenation such as:




This would allow services such as COD to easily deliver multiple CIF-JSON structures without worrying about what the CCDC fails to do -- modify the data_ lines when concatenating.


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