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Re: [ddlm-group] Role of separators in CIF

I want to vote "For" on this proposition, but I'm concerned by Nick's
assertion of 9 October

     (1) restricting the character set of non-delimited strings is
     NON-NEGOTIABLE. If we don't restrict it, then we can't build
     recursive data structures and exploit DDLm. 

I understood this to be definitely ruling out the embedding of the
quote characters in non-delimited strings, but I've lost track of the
details of the subsequent discussions.


On Tue, Dec 01, 2009 at 04:56:52PM +1100, James Hester wrote:
> Simon: From reading your previous emails, I'm guessing that the source of
> your concern is that the possible characterset of non-delimited strings
> appears more restrictive than is strictly necessary.  In particular, you're
> not sure why we have excluded quote and double quote from non-delimited
> strings.
> You are correct that the other CIF2 syntax does not require that quote or
> double quote are excluded from non-delimited strings (apart from the first
> character, of course).  The exclusion of the quote/double quote was on
> general principle of keeping all characters that serve as delimiters out of
> non-delimited strings, even if those characters could never cause confusion.
> It also has the benefit of allowing some syntax errors to be picked up.
> Nick is with me in Sydney, and we have decided that this is the sort of
> issue that we just have to vote on, as the arguments either way are not
> conclusive.
> I would therefore call everybody to vote on the following proposition:
> "That <quote> and <double quote> may appear in non-delimited strings, as
> long as they are not the first character"
> Voting so far:
> Against: Nick
> For: James
> Agnostic: ?
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