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Re: [ddlm-group] DDLm aliases (subject changed). .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .

On Wednesday, February 02, 2011 11:46 AM, Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:
>I think the original COMCIFS decision of a global
>name space was a wise choice for the major applications of
>CIF, and would suggest we stick to it for DDLm.

For the record, lest it be obscured by the volume of rhetoric, none of the name space issues I have raised in this discussion of DDLm aliases should be construed as advocacy for COMCIFS changing policy on naming, prefixes, etc..  The introduction of DDLm is no justification for such a disruptive move.  All I ask the group to consider is whether DDLm should provide for cases where COMCIFS policy is not observed.



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