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Krakow2001 and further actions

Deal All !

many thanks for David for expressing his warries.

>Some one with absolute authority MUST allocate to Ton (as Chirman of comsig)
>the number of microsymposia sessions he wants AND THEN LET HIM organise the
>chairs, speakers and topics with people he chooses. Ton is a good listener
>and a careful thinker. He will be able to select a good program which will
>satisfy small and large structure interests. Macromolecular interests are
>strongly represented in comsig - a balanced show can be put on. If the
>macromolecular people want to do something in addition to the comsig
>sessions, that is another issue easily resolved by additional symposia.
>			David Watkin

In fact, I do not think there is anything contradicting to David's idea.
Ton is collecting very carefully opinions of every of us and it is HIS LAST
WORD and HIS DEFINITE DECISION on any SIG action. He is doing this well; it
is HIM who contact the ECA administration and the ECM-20 Committee. I do
not see any wrong move.
	Probably, some confusing impression came from the fact that few mails came
with my suggestions and recently Lecomte sent his important mail - as a ECA
President (in fact, we even did not contact between us on this subject;
maybe this is even wrong).

	Coming back to warries of macro/micro - I remind you that I insisted (and
will continue to do this) from the beginning to avoid such separation. Even
now, I would like that the microsymposium "New Techniques"  includes more
than the techniques which are new for macromolecules ONLY. 

	One more remark where my opinion may be not in agreeement with an opinion
of other SIG members (as we saw this several times). After we pushed some
microsimposium relevant to Cryst.Computing and it is accepted, why should
we warry TOO MUCH if people from some other SIG make a lot of efforts in
its organisation (thank to them !) ? What should be important that such MS,
relevant to our interests, EXISTS. Maybe, I am wrong ?

	I really thank David many-many times that due to his attension we have a
possibility to discuss our problems and express our opinion - it is a real
creation of our SIG, and not the formal decision which was done last August.

	I remind you that anyhow currently the ECM-20 story is on the way and we
need to think about our future actions. As we discussed this, we can think
about a Computer School for the next IUCr Congress (definitely, this should
be done together with an Internationl Committee on Cryst. Computing !). Or
something else - waiting for your suggessions.

Best wishes for everybody for New Year !


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