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Mirror sites for IUCr W3 services

Dear EPC,

  I have received copy of this correspondence between Mike Dacombe, the
IUCr execsec, and Judy Fillpin-Anderson, Secretary of the US National
Committee for Crystallography, concerning a second mirror site for the
IUCr Web services in the USA.

  I think the EPC should express an opinion to the execsec for
transmission to the IUCr executive on the desirability of this second US

  Personally I vote 100% in favour. Would you please let me have your
thoughts, comments and opinion on this matter.

Best wishes,

> Dear Judy
> The Executive Committee expressed some concern that the number of mirror
> sites would get out of hand.  We do not commit ourselves to implementing
> every application.  We have received two formal applications so far (Sweden
> and Israel). I think that another site on the East Coast of the USA is
> entirely suitable but for applications for more than one site in a country
> I would first have to consult the EC.
> Best wishes
> Mike
> >Dear Mike,
> >

> >
> >Also, I have checked with Gary Gilliland and they would be willing
> >to put up a mirror site at NIST but Mike also mentioned that there
> >are some differences of opinion within the IUCr power structure as
> >to how many mirror sites are needed/wanted.  Do you have an update?
> >
> >Best,
> >
> >Judy
> >
> >
> >
> >Judy Flippen-Anderson

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>    Michael Dacombe             Telephone: 44 1244 345431
>    Executive Secretary         Fax:       44 1244 344843


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