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The most recent number of the ICSTI-forum (Quaterly Newsletter of the
International Council for Scientific and Technical Information) No 26
Nov. 1997 contains a number of interesting articles. In general the
forum is displayed on the WWW but No. 26 has not yet been webized.
However the Chester members of the EPC should borrow the execsec's copy
to have a look. I'll post the URL when it becomes available.

The articles are as follows:
- The Role of A&I Services in Facilitating Access to the E-Archive of
Science ... most interesting
- Archiving the On-line Journals ... very interesting
- Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: An
International Collaboration Promoting Scholarship ... I'm unimpressed
- Book Review: Economics of Specialized Information - Value,
Professional Use, Markets by Daniel Confland. ... Il faudrait sortir un
dictionnaire parce que le monographe est ecrit en franšais.


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