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Re: Archive of discussion list


  I find the changes in the archive excellent and most useful.
  The "Reply" button answers the query that I made earlier.

  Without wishing to fall into the "George Orwell 1984" trap of
rewriting history to suit the moment, I would like to know if the
list-owner could be given the possibility of
 (i) changing the subject of a message (perhaps with a note of the type:
Initially posted as ...) to make it fit into the most suitable thread,
 (ii) at a pinch duplicating or splitting messages, again so they may
appear in the most suitable thread(s).

  As epc-l list owner and epc chairman I am prepared to do this work,
including the task of inciting participants to pay attention to the
subject they use in their postings. What I need from you is instructions
or procedures to accomplish the task.

  There is no rush.

  If and when you start up the COMCIFS lists, with your experience of
the many threads there are in the discussions there, I suggest you send
the list a whole set of dummy messages with thread titles to start
things off on the right foot.


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