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Re: Archive of discussion list

> I've just noticed one failing of the web archive of epc-l which runs
> against "Rules for good use of a list".
>   Suppose, working from the web archive, since it is a very convenient
> form, I want to send a further comment under the thread "Archive of
> discussion list". How do I do it?  If I click to receive the initial
> message, I find that the e-mail address of the list is a hot link but
> clicking on it (in Netscape 3.x on a UNIX box) does not produce a RE: in
> the subject line.

I've given some thought to this. MHonArc does permit the action you want,
but at the cost of turning all the punctuation marks in the mesage headers
to the URL %7E sort of coding, which looks awful.

What I've tried this time round is to add a "Reply to [ list | sender ]"
button at the foot of each message - though I then found that there were
problems with my messages, because their return addresses were just local
(since I'm a user on the same machine as the listproc server!). So a little
bit of sendmail tweaking is also necessary.


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