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[Fwd: Information needed]

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Here is the answer to my demand for assistant at UNESCO.

Since the next contact is in UK, I suggest that Brian is now the right
person to act.

With best regards,


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Subject: Re: Information needed
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Dear Dr Epelboin,

I must apologise for the delay in replying to your e-message of 17 March
concerning possible support for the proposal of the International Union of
Crystallography to distribute materials to developing countries on CD-ROMs.

Whilst very much applauding this initiative, I regret to say that UNESCO
does not have the funds necessary to support the creation and distribution
of such materials. 

You may probably be aware of the existence of the International Network for
the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), created by ICSU Press
with the support of UNESCO and the European Union in 1992. The mission of
INASP is essentially to encourage and support donation and exchange
programmes aimed at supplying books and journals to the developing
countries and those in the process of transition. Whilst mainly concerned
with print on paper items, the Network is also open to assisting the
distribution of non-print materials as and when they are proposed. 

INASP is not able to arrange support for the creation and production of
materials, but through its recipient database is able to assist
organizations such as yours in correctly identifying institutions that
would most benefit from receiving them. At the same time it could also put
you in contact with bodies who specialize in the shipment of donated
educational and research matter. I am sending you by mail a copy of the
INASP Directory 1997/1998 which you may find of interest.

The contact details of INASP are as follows (and indeed I am copying this
message to its Secretariat in Oxford):

		27, Park End Street,
		Oxford, OX1 1HU,
		Tel: (44)181 997 3274
		Fax: (44)181 810 9795
		e-mail: inasp@gn.apc.org
		WWW: http://oneworld.org/inasp/

I hope this information is of interest to you.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Moore


At 16:19 17/03/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>Professor André Authier has suggested that I should speak with you about a 
>project from the International Union of Crystallography.
>We intend to publish a CD-ROM with information and software for scientists 
>working in the field of Crystallography in less developped countries.
>Our colleagues have poor or no access to Internet where our community is  
>establishing a strong information service. You may see the mirror
established in 
>Paris in my lab at http://www-fr.iucr.org/iucr-top/ .
>The CD-ROM would be a selection of pages as well as other scientific
>available on the Web. Dr Lachlan Cranswick from Daresbury has already
started to 
>create some CDs. 
>As a member of the Electronic Publishing Committee of the Union I am in
>of following this project. Being in Paris makes contacts with UNESCO
easier too.
>We are now facing the problem of creating and distributing a number of
>I am wondering if it would be possible to obtain a grant from UNESCO for
>project. André told me that you could provide me with some information
about how 
>to apply for a grant.
>I hope you may help on this matter.
>Yours sincerly,
> Professor Yves EPELBOIN                                          
> E-mail: epelboin@lmcp.jussieu.fr - http://www.lmcp.jussieu.fr/~epelboin
>      Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI
>      Case  115 -- 4, place Jussieu --  F-75252 Paris Cedex 05
>      phone: (00 33)  01 44 27 52 11   --   fax: (00 33) 01 44 27 37 85

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