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DOI - Digital Object Identifier

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The Secretariat has received the following letter from the European
Commission/DG XIII:


Telecommunications, information market and exploitation of research
Information industry and market and language processing
Electronic publishing and libraries

Luxembourg, 6 April 1998

Mrs. Marthe ORFUS
lCSTl - International Council for Scientific
& Technical Information
51 Boulevard de Montmorency

F - 75016 PARIS

Subiect: Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Workshop, Luxembourg 2Oth May 1998

Dear colleague,

As you will be aware, an important new identifier for electronic
intellectual property, the DOI, was launched at the Frankfurt Bookfair last
October and is currently in its pilot stage. The DOI was originally
developed under the auspices of the Association of American Publishers but
an international DOI foundation has been set up to administer the system
and its first director has just been appointed.

Concerned at the lack of international user involvement with the
development of the system thus far, DGXIII of the European Commission, in
association with the DOI Foundation and EDItEUR, the European group for
electronic commerce in books and serials, is organising a workshop for
potential European users to provide input to the development of DOI at this
crucial stage.

The one-day workshop will take place in Luxembourg from 9.00 to 16.00 on
Wednesday 20 May and is open to librarians, intermediary services,
bibliographic agencies, publishers and system vendors. There will be no
charge for the workshop but participants are expected to pay for their own
travel and subsistence costs.

This letter is a pre-announcement for event. The formal invitation will be
sent at the end of April. If you know of a colleague who might be
interested to attend, please copy this information to them.

We enclose a list of useful references, some essential, for anyone
interested in attending the workshop, together with a list of topics and
queries compiled from some of these articles and discussions.

In order to ensure active participation, we are asking all prospective
participants to COMPLETE THE ENCLOSED FORM, listing specific queries and
areas of concern. OnIy those who complete this section will be invited.
With the invitation, a detailed agenda and supporting documentation will be
sent to all participants.

As space is limited we will only be able to invite the first 50
respondents. Please respond as soon as possible and by 24 April at the

Yours sincerely,

Ariane ILJON


Bātiment Jean Monnet, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-2920 Luxembourg - Office: 1276.
Telephone: direct line (+352) 4301.32923, switchboard 43011. Fax: 4301.33530.


The documents mentioned in the letter include an introduction to the DOI, a
list of key documents relating to DOI, and a questionnaire that must be
completed and returned to the organizers if you are interested in
participating in the workshop.

If you wish to receive these documents, please inform the Secretariat at
your earliest convenience.

Marthe Orfus

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else you will be sending your message to all members.


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