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Subject: Report on Computer Support to Indexing
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I take pleasure in forwarding a message from NFAIS concerning a report of
interest to many of you. This message has been posted to several lists.
Please forgive the duplication.


The National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services
(NFAIS) announces the publication of  "Computer Support to
Indexing," written by Gail M. Hodge and Jessica L. Milstead.
Based on extensive interviews with twenty-nine database
producers, this report describes the current environment of
database indexing, the use of indexing with metadata, plus the
surrounding issues, policies, and developments since the advent of
the Web.

"Computer Support to Indexing" provides an overview of the
general design of existing indexing systems, aids to the clerical
aspects of indexing, support to intellectual decisions, quality
control, management, and system implementation.  It also
discusses factors affecting the future of computer support to
indexing.  This latest reports updates the 1992 NFAIS publication,
"Automated Support to Indexing" by Gail Hodge.

About the authors...
Gail Hodge has been involved in the design of production systems
for abstracting and indexing services since 1978.  As Senior
Project Manager for Information International Associates, Inc., she
has primary responsibility for project management and consulting
in the areas of database production, metadata and bibliographic
record analysis, and the application of technology to cataloging
and indexing.

Jessica Milstead is Principal of The JELEM Company, which since
1986 has been offering consulting services in thesaurus and index
development, including machine-indexing.  She works with a
variety of clients, including database producers, Web content
developers, and government agencies, to aid in development of
user-oriented, cost-effective products.

"Computer Support to Indexing" is must-reading for secondary
publishers, primary publishers, and intermediaries, who seek to
provide subject access to databases, and for consultants who
support this effort.

Founded in 1958, the National Federation of Abstracting and
Information Services is a membership organization of more than
50 leading information producers and providers.  Its purpose is to
serve the information community through education, research, and

Database producers surveyed for "Computer Support to Indexing" :

Access Innovations
American Association of Retired Persons
American Institute of Physics
Bibliography of the History of Art
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Chemical Abstracts Service
Defense Technical Information Center
Department of Energy, OSTI
Elsevier Science
Engineering Information
FIZ Karlsruhe
Information Access Company
Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique
Institute for Scientific Information
International Nuclear Information System
INSPEC, Institution of Electrical Engineers
Modern Language Association of America
NASA Center for AeroSpace Information
National Air Intelligence Center
National Library of Medicine
National Technical Information Service
Public Affairs Information Service
USGS/Biological Resources Division
University of Tulsa, Petroleum Abstracts
ORDER FORM for "Computer Support to Indexing"

____Copy(s)    ____$175 NFAIS Members      ____$235 Non-
NFAIS Members

Plus $4 Shipping & Handling= _________Total


____AMEX     ______Visa   _____MasterCard   _____Check
 _____Invoice Us

Submit order to:
National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services
1518 Walnut Street, Suite 307
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215-893-1561     Fax: 215-893-1564    E-mail:

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to respond to the sender only, do not hit the
"reply" or else you will be sending your message to all members.


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