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Fwd: Review of INGEST document

Below is a message sent from Gail Hodge on Thursday 30th August asking
for a review of the draft of a revised document concerning the INGEST
document of OAIS. The deadline was fixed at 4th Sept. 

Brian and I are the only ones of the epc who ploughed through the
earlier OAIS document to give our comments for the ICSTI meeting in
Columbus - Gail must have presented the results on the second day
because I can definitely remember listening attentively to her talk.
Although it is too late to comment on this new draft, I think it is
interesting for those who read the full OAIS document to have a look at
this revision.  It is only 44 pages long and a doc file. It shows up
alright in my version of Word. As it is so long, you can pick it up

     (hope I typed that correctly!)


Dear ICSTI Members, 

As you know last year, several ICSTI members were involved in providing 
comments to the ISO group working on the Open Archival Information
Reference Model which has proven to be key to many major digital
and preservation projects, including those of some ICSTI members.   

The ICSTI review group and others suggested that the OAIS group spend 
additional effort to further define the INGEST process, which 
gathers/harvests/inputs materials into an OAIS compliant archive. 

Here is the draft INGEST document which has been released for comment.   
Unfortunately, comments are needed by September 5.  If you have any
please send them to me by COB on September 4 and I will combine them and 
forward to Donald Sawyer. 

I would encourage you to provide comments since this reflects the role
many of you as secondary database producers might play in digital 

Gail Hodge 
Technical Operations Manager 
ICSTI Secretariat 

+1 610/789-6769 

"Donald M. Sawyer" wrote:
> Dear archiving colleague,
> I belive most of you have previously received the document
> from our CCSDS French colleagues at CNES on an Ingest process
> methodology.  In case not, I'm attaching it below.  We're
> proposing a schedule for review with a near term telecon
> on September 7th to address comments raised.  The objective
> is to arrive at a US set of comments to take to the next CCSDS/ISO
> international workshop in Toulouse, starting October 22nd.
> Those who send in comments by COB Sept. 5th will receive
> a message telling them how to connect to the teleconference.
> I have to reserve the lines in advance so please respond by
> 5 Sept. if you plan to participate.
> Here is the recommended schedule for review of the ingest document:
> 1. Individual responses due COB Wed. Sept 5
> 2. Telecon to discuss issues Fri Sept 7 10:00 - 13:00 EDT
> 3. Assigned actions from telecon due Tues Sept 11 COB
> 4. Draft NASA comments out Thurs Sept 13 15:00 EDT
> 5. Telecon if necessary Friday Sept 15:00 10:00 -11:00 EDT
> 6. Final comments to CNES by Monday Sept 17 before CNES opens
> Cheers-
> Don

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