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VISITING GENEVA? See http://www.unige.ch/crystal/ahdf/geneva02.html

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From: Marie Wallin <mw@LIB.KTH.SE>
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For information:
Translation came up as one of the interesting subjects for ICSTI-members at
the meeting of the executive board earlier this month.
For information the EU has an ongoing large program on Human Language
Technology ( htl ) that has now started a e-newslletter as kan be seen below.
Regards, Marie

>Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 15:37:40 +0200
>Subject: Euromap Newsletter
>From: <newsletter@hltcentral.org>
>Error-To: <newsletter@hltcentral.org>
>Welcome to Euromap Language Technologies first monthly newsletter. We
>hope that you will find this newsletter useful. Please send any
>feedback you may have to mailto:sean@vandusseldorp.com
>A browsable HTML version of this newsletter is also available from:
>Euromap Language Technologies: 'Facilitating the path to market for
>language and speech technologies in Europe.' Euromap LT aims to provide
>awareness, bridge-building and market-enabling services for
>accelerating the rate of technology transfer and market take-up of the
>results of European Human Language Technologies RTD projects.
>The Euromap Language Technologies monthly newsletter brings you all the
>latest developments in the field of Human Language Technologies from
>Europe and beyond over the past month, and keeps you abreast of
>upcoming events, EU calls and other useful information.
>To subscribe, please go to http://www.hltcentral.org/subscribe.html
>If you find this newsletter useful and informative, feel free to
>forward the newsletter and share it with others.
>***** e-2001 - Venice *****
>e-2001: Opportunities for Language Technology in Multilingual e-Markets
>Venice, 17-19 October
>Newsletter Content
>* This month's feature - Voice Portals
>* This month's success story - Voice Portal for Mobile Communications
>* Euromap Language Technologies News
>* Other Human Language Technologies-related news
>* Upcoming Events
>* EU Calls
>VISIT HTTP://WWW.HLTCENTRAL.ORG - Your Gateway to Speech & Language
>Technology Opportunities on the Web.
>HLTCentral is an online information resource of human language
>technologies and related topics of interest to the HLT community at
>large, with a special focus on Europe. Here you will find all the
>latest news, views, events listings, links, EU calls and published
>documents and research for the sector.
>This month's feature
>Opening up the internet through Voice Portals
>The rise of the voice portal in eCommerce and the role of human
>language technologies in its future: will voice portals be the first
>'killer app' of speech processing?
>Success Stories
>VoiceButler®: Voice portal at Mobilkom Austria AG
>This case study shows how HLT applications can result in a
>competitive advantage in the highly aggressive mobile
>telecommunications market. VoiceButler® was the first big public
>text-to-speech service in mobile communications and an early
>convergent product in the area Internet and language.
>This Month's Top Headlines
>* Deutsche Telekom and Bogen Give SMS a Voice
>* Oasis works on development of Human XML
>* Handheld Device Promises Instant Translation
>* G2 Speech Targets Legal and Medical Sectors
>* Polderland Language Module Recognizes Turkish, Polish
>and Hebrew
>Euromap Language Technologies News
>The Netherlands: G2 Speech Targets Legal and Medical Sectors
>New technologies, such as digital dictation and speech recognition,
>will stimulate this working environment.
>Germany: Largest portal-group reorganises
>Focus Digital will slim down to 80% of its 500 staff, the company
>The Netherlands: Polderland Language Module Recognizes Turkish, Polish
>and Hebrew
>Polderland has released a new version of its language identification
>The Netherlands: Navigating the Website Jungle
>By any measuring stick, e-commerce has been a monumental
>disappointment. Companies built websites, but the customers stayed
>away. Or did they?
>************************* NEWSLETTER SPONSOR **************************
>e-2001: Opportunities for Language Technology in Multilingual e-Markets
>Venice, 17-19 October. http://www.ebew.net/prog-day3.htm
>* Critical language technology solutions for e-business
>* Optimising knowledge mining in the e-back-office
>* Optimising e-catalogue production using dedicated multilingual tools
>* MKBEEM - a comprehensive multilingual knowledge-based e-commerce
>Denmark: TDC and CMG to launch m-commerce joint venture
>MIGway, which they believe could be the breakthrough for m-commerce in
>Germany: Web Consolidation Continues As Media Firms Merge
>Tomorrow Internet AG and Focus Digital AG said they will merge.
>Denmark: Ementor in www.denmark.dk contract with Kontrapunkt
>Ementor has entered into a contract with the Danish Ministry of
>Foreign Affairs/Danish State Information Service for developing,
>implementing and maintaining the portal www.denmark.dk.
>Germany - Text-to-Speech: Deutsche Telekom and Bogen Give SMS a Voice
>When a mobile user sends a message to a non-mobile number, it is
>recognized automatically by the network and routed to Deutsche Telekom's
>new SMS-to-voice platform.
>A Personal View on Speech Recognition
>Ian Stobie: Speech recognition is always just around the corner, but
>never seems to arrive. I try it out every few weeks and give it up as
>impractical. Until now. I'm now regularly using Lernout & Hauspie's
>(L&H's) Voice Xpress 5 for writing anything longer than a few
>You may suspect I'm defending the underdog here, for the two founders of
>the company are in prison. L&H's problems will probably set back speech
>recognition as a whole, and delay the uptake of the technology with
>users. During its boom period L&H bought two    other significant voice
>players, Dictaphone and Dragon Systems. So unless someone credible
>rapidly acquires L&H's assets, the future of three key products lines
>- L&H, Dragon and Dictaphone - looks uncertain. (Source VNU.net)
>Other HLT-related News
>Let Voice XML Speak
>Voice XML 2.0 will be released this autumn. Version 1.0 hasn't exactly
>been a hit. If the industry shuns voice XML, it may hurt the wireless
>says the VoiceXML Forum. On the other hand, its adoption will simplify
>creation and delivery of Web-based, personalized interactive
>services and enable voice access to integrated call-center databases,
>information and services on Web sites and company intranets.
>Furthermore it will enable new voice-capable devices. (Source:
>Catalog Retailers Choose NetByTel for Phone-to-Web Ordering
>NetByTel claims to be the first company to extend self-service voice
>commerce technology to Web systems. It will be helping several major
>catalog retailers implement talk-to-the-Web self-service ordering
>over the next few weeks. (Source: Cnet.com)
>Syntellect Introduces First Speech Guarantee
>Syntellect Inc, a provider of voice portal software and services to
>eBusinesses has announced the launch of the Speech Application
>Functional Effectiveness (SAFE) Guarantee Program, offering
>customers a money-back guarantee to assure that speech recognition
>results are achieved. 'Customers are concerned about the quality
>of speech recognition and time-to-market, and a speech guarantee
>addresses both of these concerns' comments Daniel Hawkins, voice
>business program manager of Datamonitor. (Source: yahoo.co.uk)
>L&H RealSpeak Software Kit available now
>L&H RealSpeak(TM) Compact Software Development Kit (SDK) allows
>virtually any application designed for a standard mobile device
>  - e.g. a PDA running on Windows CE or Linux platform - to be
>speech-enabled. The software converts several types of written text
>ranging from e-mail to currencies, dates, or web pages, into
>natural-sounding speech. Special text pre-processors generate accurate
>pronunciation of e-mail addresses, URL's, and date and time formats.
>(Source: Yahoo.co.uk)
>Rich Content For Global Health
>Medical news publisher Reuters Health Information - RHI - is adding
>Sentius RichLink eGlobalization technology to its content. RHI publishes
>more than 100 news stories a day on over 200 websites around the world,
>and it will begin offering RichLink-enabled versions of their daily news
>with Japanese language annotations. Japanese is the first language, with
>Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian to be launched by the end
>of the year, says the company. (Source: Content-Wire.com)
>'Simputer' Aims to Bring Web Across India
>A $200 hand-held Indian computer aimed at taking the Internet to rural
>areas, will hit the market in November. The Simputer = short for
>Inexpensive and Multilingual has a text-to-speech software and other
>easy-to-use applications aimed at allowing India's vast rural population
>to gain from using technology. (Source: Yahoo.co.uk)
>EU Builds Army of Interpreters to Understand New Members
>The European Union is drawing up plans to recruit an army of 400 extra
>interpreters to ensure that officials from Estonia, Latvia and Hungary,
>which may join soon, will be understood, according to an EU report.
>Detailing the preparations needed ahead of the 15-member body's eastward
>expansion, the report says that the EU will need the interpreters to
>the bloc's pressing needs if, for example, it takes on board ten new
>countries in 2004. (Source: EUBusiness.com)
>It's Not What You Say, But How You Say It
>MIT's Media Laboratory is developing a new technology, called Behavior
>Expression Animation Toolkit (BEAT), aimed at giving animation
>a voice. BEAT uses rules of speech and expression derived from research
>into human conversational behavior. Users type text to be spoken by an
>animated human figure and get in return synthesized speech synchronized
>with nonverbal behaviors in the form of XML trees. (Source Zdnet.com)
>Working on a Unified Code for 'LOL' or :)
>Hoping to eliminate human misunderstanding in communication, OASIS,
>the XML interoperability consortium announced it has formed a committee
>to promote a specification for conveying human characteristics through
>XML. HumanML would have applications in artificial intelligence, virtual
>reality, conflict resolution, psychotherapy, art, workflow, advertising,
>cultural dialogue, agent systems, diplomacy and business negotiation.
>(Source: Internetnews.com)
>Nuance Brings Speech Recognition to VoIP Market
>Nuance is providing support for the VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol)
>standards Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323. The company has
>expanded its partner network with the addition of Net2Phone, a provider
>of VoIP services to consumers, businesses and telecommunications
>extending the availability of complete voice-enabled solutions around
>world. (Source: Handytel.com)
>IBM Pushes VoiceXML Standardization with Speech Toolkit
>IBM Corp has unveiled the beta version of a VoiceXML toolkit for its
>WebSphere Voice application server. The developer software is expected
>to speed the adoption of VoiceXML because it eases the creation of
>speech-enabled applications. The VoiceXML specification was developed
>co-operatively by IBM, AT&T Corp, Lucent Technologies Inc and Motorola
>Inc, under the umbrella of the VoiceXML Forum, which now has over 500
>member companies. (Source: Yahoo.co.uk)
>Handheld Device Promises Instant Translation
>A new handheld gadget promising to translate voice commands into
>different languages is about to be released in the US. The Universal
>Translator, from Ectaco, is capable of converting spoken English
>phrases into French, German or Spanish. The makers say the device uses
>new speech recognition technology to translate 3,000 pre-set phrases and
>expressions. (Source: Ananova.com)
>Upcoming Events
>18-22 September, Spain, Santiago de Compostela
>MT Summit VIII - Global MT community to review the state of machine
>translation and computer-aided translation support tools, both
>commercially and in research.
>25-28 September, Italy, Bari
>Topical seminar Artificial Intelligence: public and private
>investment for innovation and technology transfer.
>10 October, Germany, Berlin
>Germany National seminar eContent Programme Information Day
>17-19 October, Italy, Venice
>e-2001: Opportunities for Language Technology in Multilingual
>eBusiness Task Force  - Cross-border topical seminar
>13 November, UK, London
>World Travel Market 2001: 'Raising the e-standard' seminar
>Tourism Task Force - Cross-border topical seminar
>15 November, The Netherlands, The Hague
>National seminar HLT Resources & Tools
>21 November, The Netherlands, The Hague
>Topical seminar - Ecommerce
>13 December, Belgium, Antwerp
>Topical seminar - Tourism
>For more information, please visit
>EU Calls
>Information on HLT elements in currently open EU calls can be found at
>1st eContent calls
>Frequently Asked Questions relating to HLT and EU calls
>For information on past EU calls, please visit:
>We welcome any comments or feedback you might have. Please direct all
>enquiries to mailto:sean@vandusseldorp.com
>We welcome press releases and other company information relevant to
>the field of Human Language Technologies, or would like to contribute
>news/features to this  newsletter or the Euromap Language Technologies
>website, please contact mailto:newsletter@hltcentral.org
>This newsletter is published by Euromap Language Technologies
>(http://www.hltcentral.org/euromap) and produced by Van Dusseldorp &
>Partners (http://www.vandusseldorp.com).
>The Euromap Language Technologies project is currently implemented by
>a team of 11 National Focal Points: (NFPs) Austria,
>Belgium/The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy,
>Spain, France, the UK and Bulgaria. Each NFP draws on the skills and
>knowledge gained in previous HLT awareness-raising actions to achieve
>the objectives. Other countries will be encouraged to join the project
>as it develops to cover a broader range of countries and sectors by
>extending the EUROMAP geography and skills base. The Danish NFP is
>also responsible for managing the project.
>To contact the project organisers:
>Center for Sprogteknologi (CST) - Danish National Focal Point
>Project Co-ordinator: Bente Maegaard
>Tel: +45 35 32 90 74, Fax: +45 35 32 90 89
>Euromap Language Technologies is dedicated to facilitating the path to
>market for language and speech technologies in Europe.
>To subscribe:
>To unsubscribe:
>If you do NOT want to be on this e-mail list,
>disregard message. Be assured that your e-mail
>address will not be transfered to the new list,
>unless you click on the verification link.

Marie Wallin
Project manager and International relations
Royal Institute of Technology Library, Stockholm
KTHB, S-10044 Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel: +46 (0)8 790 8974 Fax: +46 (0)8 790 7466. E-mail: mw@lib.kth.se


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