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Re: Regional editors for WDC

I fully agree with Brian that it is too early to make any announcement on the
Web. I already had a message from the past editor for Japan asking what he had
to do. My suggestion is to wait until the registration is ready to announce
officially the names and role of the Regional Editors.

With best regards.

Brian McMahon a écrit :

> Howard
> > Yes it is good news to that all the Regional Editors have been
> > appointed.
> We have sent them a letter of welcome and a sketchy indication of the way in
> which we envisage them authorising new entries.
> > I guess all of us will have seen Brian's message in the newsgroup the
> > other day which Simon copied into Whats New as well.
> >   I don't remember seeing this message filter through from the
> > distribution lists of the BCA or the AFC as yet although I hope that
> > Brian's message was distributed to these people amongst others. I sent
> > the message to the Newsletter editor of the SGK (Swiss Society) and it
> > will appear in the next issue. Some of the other distribution lists
> > (e.g. Rietveld, SAS, anl, etc) might be a very good target as well.
> I'm happy for this to spread out to some degree, and will update the
> directory according to the responses as best I can, but I suggest we keep
> the BIG push to update until we have a working web form - people will wilt
> from update fatigue if they get too overloaded.
> >   Whilst I'm nagging, I'm glad to see that with the introduction of the
> > new update a specific URL has been attributed to WDC (wdc.iucr.org).
> > Poor old news.online@iucr.org will have to correct the out of date URLs
> > in /cww-top not to mention someone else doing those in /iucr-top !
> No rush. The old URLs will of course continue to work into the indefinite
> future. It's amazing what you can do with "Redirect" directives in an Apache
> configuration file.
> Brian

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