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[High-pressure-crystallography] Call for the host of the 2022 IUCr High Pressure Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

The IUCr Commission on High Pressure (CHP) is actively exploring the potential hosts of the 2022 IUCr High Pressure Workshop in the Americas, the region comprising North and South America. See the list of previous events at:

The second half of September 2022 is currently the target time for the event. We hope to find a reliable team who can act as a local organizing committee. Prior experience in high-pressure research can be helpful, but is not essential. In principle, enthusiastic and proactive groups who would like to foster new contacts and develop international collaboration are also welcome to apply.

Although the current pandemic situation is still dynamic, we optimistically assume increased in-person participation moving into the next year. Therefore we are suggesting to hold the future workshop in the hybrid mode, trying to attract a considerable number of onsite participants while keeping all the safety precautions, but also allowing virtual participation for the colleagues who cannot attend the workshop in person. For your information, in the pre-Covid times the workshops (4-5 days long) usually gathered around 50-80 participants.

As the event is intended as a workshop, we would like to have a program that is at least partially tutorial-oriented. At the previous IUCr High Pressure Workshops in Novosibirsk (http://xray.nsu.ru/hpw2021/programme.htm) and earlier in Honolulu (https://hp2018honolulu.github.io/training.html) a number of training events were run, attracting many attendees. They were focused mostly on the high-pressure single crystal diffraction methods, but any fresh ideas would be appreciated.

The bidders should summarize the draft schedule and budget of the proposed Workshop, including also the detailed description of a suggested venue, in the form of a letter of intent, 1-2 pages long. A draft of the preliminary program, including the tutorials/training events should be enclosed. Accommodation options ranging from hotels to budget accommodation should be suggested. The estimated cost to attend, bursaries for young participants, costs of providing the venue, refreshments and conference services including web site, sponsored conference dinner etc. should be specified in the proposal. Identifying potential sponsors of the meeting would be beneficial.

The IUCr Commission on High Pressure will look into the bids, discuss their contents and the decision will be taken in November 2021.

If you consider running the Workshop, please express your preliminary interest by sending me an email at dziubek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx not later than October 15, 2021. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, I will be happy to provide you with more information.

Best regards,
Kamil F. Dziubek
Chair of the IUCr Commission on High Pressure
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