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[SA_Scat] Postdoc position opening at P03/MiNaXS beamline

DESY is one of the world’s leading research centres for photon science,particle and astroparticle physics as well as accelerator physics.DESY looks back on a long tradition in synchrotron radiation experiments in awide range of applications and has developed into one of the leading centresin this field worldwide. For high end synchrotron radiation applications,the 3rd generation source PETRA III is available since 2009 as oneof the most brilliant hard X-ray sources worldwide.
The P03/MiNaXS beamline is the world-leading facility for combining X-ray micro and nanobeams withsmall- and wide-angle X-ray scattering with special focus on in-situ and ope-rando investigations of functional and hybrid nanomaterials. We are seeking ahighly motivated postdoctoral researcher (f/m) for the P03/MiNaXS team.
The position:===========- Participation in development of micro- and nanofocusing techniques atP03/MiNaXS- Development of sample environments for in-situ and operando investi-gations of functional and nanoparticle coatings, especially vacuum orsolution-based deposition- User support at P03/MiNaXS- Pursuing a rigorous in-house research programme in the field of thinfilms and hybrid nanomaterials with special focus an polymer-metalinterfaces
Requirements:============- PhD in physics or comparable sciences- Interest in synchrotron beamline developments- Experience at synchrotron sources is highly desirable- Experience in surface coating and thin film technologies- Experience in GISAXS & GIWAXS- Experience in atomic force microscopy- Business fluent English
For further information please contact Dr. Stephan V. Roth, stephan.roth@desy.de, or visithttp://www.desy.de/v2/docs/1452861297-e.pdffor further information.
Deadline for applications: 17 February 2016
Dr. Stephan V. RothPhoton Science (FS-PE)Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)Notkestr. 85D-22607 Hamburg (Germany)Tel.: +49 40 8998 2934 & +49 151 12071459Fax : +49 40 8994 2934eMail: stephan.roth@desy.deWeb: desy.de/~srothund:photon-science.desy.de/facilities/petra_iii/beamlines/p03_minaxs/index_eng.html

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