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[SA_Scat] Research Scientist / Postdoctoral Fellow Positions inBeijing CSRC

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  • Subject: [SA_Scat] Research Scientist / Postdoctoral Fellow Positions inBeijing CSRC
  • From: Haiguang Liu <haiguang.liu@gmail.com>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2017 08:47:04 +0800
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Dear All,

Please find the following positions available in Beijing ComputationalScience Research Center, China.

*Research Scientist / Postdoctoral Fellow Positions*

The *Computational structural biology group* (http://liulab.csrc.ac.cn) atthe Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) calls forapplications to fill *research scientist and postdoctoral positions* in thefollowing research areas,

*1. Computational method and software development in X-ray sciences. *Ongoingactivities and research collaborations include,
Developing open source programs for X-ray scattering data analysis andmodel reconstruction/refinement
Method and software development for High-resolution structure determinationusing data collected at X-ray free electron lasers, including singleparticle scattering and serial crystallography data analysis
Integration of molecular dynamics simulation and time-resolved X-rayscattering/diffraction data to reconstruct conformational transformationsfor large molecules.
*2. Computational modeling and simulation of protein systems. **Ongoingprojects include*
*Simulation of GPCR proteins, prediction of ligand binding and stability*
*Investigation of nucleosome dynamics and packing, and the effect ofpost-translation modification to the histone tails*
*3. Image analysis method and software development*
*Main task is to do image classification, 3D object reconstruction from 2Dimages, 3D shape retrieval etc.*

*Successful applicants are expected to spend a few months each year atArizona State University, department of Physics in our collaboration withthe NSF Science and Technology Center for applications of X-ray lasers toBiology.*
*There are also opportunities for joint appointment with Universities inHong Kong for outstanding applicants.*

*Qualifications**: Ideal candidates should have strong interest ininterdisciplinary research and be highly motivated to interact withexperimental groups. He/she should possess a PhD degree in physics,biology, or a related theoretical discipline, with a solid background inquantitative modeling and simulations. Independent problem-solving andcreative thinking skills are highly valued.*

*The Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) (**http://www.csrc.ac.cn* <http://www.csrc.ac.cn/>*) is an interdisciplinaryresearch center open to national and international collaborativeinitiatives, equipped with advanced HPC machines.*

*CSRC offers competitive salaries and benefits, and excellent researchenvironments. Successful applicants will work closely with current labmembers. CSRC encourages and sponsors young researchers to apply forhis/her own research funding if necessary. Interested applicants pleasesend a full CV, a brief summary or statement of research, and two to threereference letters by email to Dr. Haiguang Liu at**hgliu%csrc.ac.cn*<hgliu%25csrc.ac.cn>*.*

Haiguang Liu
Assistant Professor
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