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MASTER CLASS ON “NEUTRON PRECESSION TECHNIQUES”<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/>

Course directors: Peter Falus (ILL, Grenoble) and Klaus Habicht (HZB, Berlin)

IVth<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/> course of the Erice School “NEUTRON SCIENCE AND INSTRUMENTATION”<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/>

1st - 8th of July 2017

The IVth<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/> Course<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/> is primarily aimed at young researchers, instrument and development scientists at international and national neutron facilities who have a basic understanding of neutron scattering but have less background in polarized neutron instrumentation. Graduate students or postdocs at universities with an interest in neutron instrumentation projects are also highly welcome.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/registration-and-fees/> via the form at the link below and closes on 10th May 2017

REGISTER HERE<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/registration-form-iv-course-of-the-erice-school-2017/>

(Please note, that you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail,  if you do not, please contact one of the organisers listed below.)

The Course on “<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/>Neutron Precession Techniques<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/>”<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/> aims to provide students with the fundamental concepts and the theoretical framework of neutron precession methods. It is organized as a master class and offers both, a coherent set of introductory lectures for PhD students or young researchers at the postdoctoral level as well as expert discussions led by senior scientists with the aim to exchange experience and develop novel instrumentation ideas. The specialized topic focusses on neutron instrumentation techniques which are based on the Larmor precession of the neutron magnetic moment in dedicated magnetic field arrangements. a It comprises neutron spin-echo techniques as well as novel Larmor labelling methods such as SESANS, SEMSANS and MIEZE.

Selection criteria for applications to the course

The number of applications usually exceeds the number of places available on the course, thus there is a selection procedure for allocating the places. To apply send a ‘personal statement’ and a ‘statement from your supervisor’. The criteria used in making the selection are as follows:

¡         Preference is given to applicants who, in the judgement of the selection committee will make a major use of neutron scattering in their studies or work.

¡         Preference is given to early stage researchers from neutron facilities, universities or other research institutions.

We encourage applicants to submit a strong ‘personal statement’ emphasising the significance of neutron scattering and especially precession techniques  in  their research.

The course includes accommodation at the Ettore Majorana Foundation<http://www.ccsem.infn.it> (EMFCSC). Click here<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/FLYER-4th-Course_International-School-of-Neutron-Science-and-Instrumentation_final.pdf> to download the neutron course flyer in PDF format. For further details please visit the course website<http://sons.uniroma2.it/ericeneutronschool/iv-course/> or contact the organisers:

Course Directors

Peter Falus<mailto:falus@ill.eu>

Klaus Habicht<mailto:habicht@helmholtz-berlin.de>

school secretariat<mailto:school_fpricci@its.me.cnr.it>

Tel:  +33 476 20 78 59

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