Informal Conference on X-ray diffraction

Holzhausen, Ammersee, Germany

24 August - 29 August 1925

This photograph is the earliest currently in the IUCr archive. It was taken, on the occasion of a meeting convened by Paul Peter Ewald, in his mother's studio. The identification sketch also included is inscribed by Ewald himself. A fascinating account of the meeting is found in the Interview of Paul Peter Ewald by Charles Weiner on 17-24 May 1968, Niels Bohr Library & Archives, American Institute of Physics, College Park, MD USA,

On the table: Ott's carborundum structure - probably the first structure determined by algebraic methods. H. Mark, K. Herzfeld, L. Brillouin, R. W. James, A. D. Fokker, H. Ott, M. von Laue, C. G. Darwin, W. L. Bragg, I. Waller.
Identification sketch, in P. P. Ewald's handwriting, of the participants at the informal Holzhausen conference at the house of Ewald's mother.

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