Leeds Symposium

University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

18 July - 19 July 1948

Photograph taken outside the Chemistry Department, University of Leeds, where a small symposium was held on 18-19 July 1948. Many of the crystallographers present had travelled up from the XRAG conference in London which led to the foundation of the International Union of Crystallography. (From the collection of D. W. J. Cruickshank.)
This photo has been cropped from the original, which had the following caption (names in brackets are believed to be missing from this version).
First row, left to right: [G. W. Brindley (UK),] W. F. de Jong (Norway), W. G. Burgers (Netherlands), Mrs A. M. B. Douglas (UK), G. V. Kurdyumov (USSR), D. Harker (USA), J. A. A. Ketelaar (Netherlands), J. Bénard (France), Mme A. R. Weill (France), I. Fankuchen (USA). Second/third rows, left to right: [Miss M. Astbury (UK), E. Grison (France), G. A. Jeffrey (UK),] D. W. J. Cruickshank (UK), J. C. L. Favejee (Netherlands), J. S. Woldringh (Netherlands), Mile C. Stora (France), Mme L. Waiter-Levy (France), Unidentified, J. Thewlis (UK), R. W. G. Wyckoff (USA), Mme A. Kochanovska (Czechoslovakia), P. Renaud (France), J. F. H. Custers (Netherlands), H. Brasseur (Belgium), E. G. Cox (UK), M. Paic (France), G. W. R. Bartindale (UK). Fourth/fifth rows, left to right: [L. G. Sillen (Sweden),] A. T. Jensen (Denmark), I. W. Oftedal (Norway), B. Patnaik (UK), L. Morel-Klopstein (France), L. L. van Reijen (Netherlands), J. J. de Lange (Netherlands), I. MacArthur (UK), Mile E. Stryk (Netherlands), I. B. Borovsky (USSR), G. E. Eichclz (UK), D. A. Cumming (UK), S. Konobeyevsky (USSR), Mile C. H. MacGiilavry (Netherlands), E. P. Wohlfarth (UK), W. Nowacki (Switzerland), J. Goodyear (UK), V. Petr-zilka (Czechoslovakia), S. C. Nyburg (UK), J. Novak (Czechoslovakia), R. Tertian (France), D. McLachlan (USA), R. J. J. H. Gillot (UK), J. Ewles (UK). Those cited as UK include those working in the UK.

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