The Crystallographic Community

Sagamore VII

Nikko, Japan

25 August - 30 August 1982

The Seventh Sagamore Conference on Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities was held at the Nikko Kanaya Hotel. Following a format that had been established in 1964 by Dick Weiss, this meeting was notable on a number of counts, as remembered by Malcolm Cooper in his history of the Sagamore Conferences to the year 2000:

The truly international nature of our community was reflected in the location of Sagamore VII (1982) in Japan, at Nikko a city famous for its temples. We discovered that Nikko, which sits atop a mountain, was also famous for its damp microclimate; on the excursion we were amazed to see that the rain clouds were only attached to the mountain top! Nonetheless, in a beautiful hotel which had been used for many meetings of scientists rather more famous than us, the growing complexities of partitioning charge density were discussed and for the first time the words "synchrotron radiation" appeared in the title of a talk (by Jochen Schneider). Looking back, the added value of conferences such as these is brought home by the fact that for me Sagamore VII initiated a number of research collaborations and friendships with Japanese scientists that I continue to enjoy and benefit from to this day. This was the last Sagamore conference attended by Dick Weiss before his retirement. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution that this larger-than-life character made to bringing this community together.

The photos by Kaarle Kurki-Suonio were taken during the conference excursion to the Kegon Falls.