Korean Crystallographic Association


It was reported that the Korean Crystallographic Association was formed September 23,1989 and the Association consisted of about 100 crystallographers.

from Newsletter of the Asian Crystallographic Association Volume 2 No. 1, May 1991 .

Participants at the 1989 KCA Meeting. A separate identification key is available. Individuals named in the key are Ho-Seop Yoon, Hie-Wook Choi, Geuk-Soon Lee, Il-Whan Suh, Ho-Sung Kim, Sang-Soo Kim, Hyung-Joon Kim, Whan-Chul Shin, Se-Won Suh, Sung-Il Cho, Hyo-Taek Jeon, Ro-Hak Park, Jung-Hoe Koo, Joong-Tae Ahn, Su-Jin Chung, Young-Ja Park.
Group photo
Identification key for participants at the 2008 Korean Crystallographic Association Meeting.
Group photo

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