First Barkla X-ray Lecture

Liverpool, UK

25 January 2011

The IUCr President Sine Larsen visited the University of Liverpool to present the First Barkla X-ray Lecture, 'Impact of X-rays on Society'. This formed part of the annual Barkla lecture series and of the University of Liverpool Science and Society lecture series. The occasion also provided an opportunity to visit the molecular biophysics group of the Institute for Integrative Biology.

The lectures are named in honour of Charles Glover Barkla, awarded the 1917 Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of the characteristic Röntgen radiation of the elements.

Michael Dacombe (Executive Secretary, IUCr), Sine Larsen (President, IUCr), Andy Cossins (Head, Institute of Integrative Biology), Samar Hasnain (Max Perutz Professor of Molecular Biophysics), Ian Greer (Executive Pro-Vicechancellor for health and life sciences), Steve Holloway (Executive Pro-Vicechancellor for physical sciences and engineering).
Group photo
Left of equipment: Michael Dacombe (obscured), Steve Holloway, Andy Cossins, Ian Greer, Sine Larsen, Samar Hasnain; right of equipment: members of the Liverpool University molecular biophysics group.
Group photo
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